How to choose a celebrant?

Choosing a celebrant is a very personal choice.  I am always happy to have a chat on the phone first before setting a meeting date.  I have had many couples say that after chatting on the phone they knew I was "the one" and then we arranged a meeting at their place.  Please do not base your choice on cost.  You might save $100-$200 using a celebrant who is new or does just a few ceremonies in a year, but the difference between the quality of celebrants is enormous.  

What is my fee?

I like to say that I charge you less than I am  You want your ceremony to be remembered for the right reasons, not because things went wrong, but you saved $100.  When you see the amount of work that I do for a wedding you will understand that I am not expensive, as normally I am the cheapest part of your wedding. What I provide and help with, ensures that your wedding is great and full of memories, not an average ceremony that you only remember for what went wrong. I spend on average 20 hours on each wedding and my fee is $950 for the "Amazing Wedding" package. Even if your wedding is a few years off, I hold your fee at the price agreed upon, with no increases along the way. I do offer smaller packages if you are having a small wedding and do not need all the bells and whistles, but still wanting a beautiful wedding.

I do offer discounts for winter weddings, very simple ceremonies at home, mid week weddings, weddings paid in full within 30 days of booking and also weddings on Mt Dandenong, the Yarra Valley,  the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Fitzroy and Treasury Gardens. If you are just after the basic legal requirements and you are only having a few guests I do offer a significant discount. Please do not let price be an issue, if you have a very strict budget call or email me and let's see how I can help.